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Real Estate Secondaries

Secondary Real Estate Fund Interests

Real Estate Secondaries

Halocline is one of the few private investors who are able to work with sellers in order to acquire real estate fund interests as well as secondary direct portfolios of real estate assets. Since 2008 we have reviewed over 100 partnerships executing nearly 1/3rd of these in a range of vintages and a range of different structures and investment styles.

We have provided real estate sellers with much-needed liquidity while looking at a broad range of approaches when considering fund interests of real estate funds. Via internal origination efforts as well as through our proprietary network of institutional investors, sponsors, financial institutions, and other potential sources of secondaries, we aim to seek the following types of fund interests of real estate funds:

  • Single limited partner interests in private real estate commingled funds.
  • Single or portfolio of interests in single and multi-asset joint venture partnerships.
  • Shares of private REITs.
  • Interests in real estate operating companies typically part of a portfolio.

When considering such secondary indirect investments we seek quality, implicit value, and ultimately a return that is both attractive yet considers the seller’s best interests when acquiring. We like to invest in such portfolios with experienced managers with proven track records of distributing to Limited Partners across a range of strategies broadly diversified by analyzing property type, strategy, vintage year, geographic location, general partner/sponsors, and ownership structure.

Secondary Direct Real Estate

Halocline opportunistically works with its proprietary limited partners in order to fund the acquisition of diversified and high quality portfolios of real estate within various areas of expertise including office, retail, hospitality, leisure and multifamily. We typically focus on portfolios that provide value-enhancement or value-creation potential over 3 to 7 year investment horizons however just as in our approach to direct Infrastructure, we can hold assets through to term with strong funding partners such as pensions and insurers where we seek GDP and inflation protected income streams.

The group seeks to maintain a geographically diverse portfolio of real estate in core and secondary markets having strong economic and demographic fundamentals. Our broad network of relationships, team-based analytical approach, flexible yet disciplined structure, and streamlined approval process allows us to capitalize on intrinsic real estate value both during times of capital market dislocation as well as during times of stability.

Halocline’s investment product expertise includes real estate companies, projects, real estate loan portfolios, debt recapitalizations and direct property predominantly in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Our team’s combined global experience and contacts will provide our proprietary Limited Partners with access to high quality deal flow across a broad range of developed and emerging markets with product types including:

  • Office
  • Retail
  • Residential
  • Multifamily
  • Hospitality
  • Leisure

If you are ready to discuss an ideal solution for your private real estate fund investments or secondary direct real estate portfolio, please contact our team at:


Alternatively, please use the “submit a deal” form our website to approach us on bilateral and confidential opportunities.