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Experienced Secondary Deal Originators

Our firm is always looking to add talented and experience secondary deal originators who can bring intensity, integrity, and intellectual curiosity to the organisation. We emphasise meritocracy in the organisation, and always look for individuals who bring a spirit of entrepreneurship. We seek wholly rounded individuals with specific skills in relationship management, deep market knowledge, deal analysis, execution, monitoring, and pricing of fund interests and secondary direct transactions in private equity secondaries. We typically look to hire individuals coming out of investor relations, or investment roles. We seek individuals who have a demonstrated history of academic and professional achievements. Our senior-level recruiting is focused almost entirely on seeking executives with strong financial, operational, and deal sourcing experience in sourcing real assets, and we are also interested in some former CEOs and CFOs of companies in a range of industries.

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Experienced individuals we hire will have prior experience in sourcing fund interests and real asset portfolios of infrastructure, real estate, and portfolio companies that earn growth in stable years and withstand economic downturns.
Experienced individuals we hire will have prior experience with access to a global network of resources to strengthen their sourcing capabilities and significant expertise in sourcing, analysing, pricing, deal structuring and execution.

Associate Hiring

Similar to the requirements of experienced hires, we are a meritocracy driven firm therefore having entrepreneurial, confident, deal originators even at Analyst or Associate level is key to our success. Associates typically successfully completed an undergraduate degree with a strong GPA, and typically have their MBA and have at least three to four years of prior private equity, investment banking and/or consulting work experience.

General Hiring

Occasionally we also require professional support staff and look to hire have experience in the following business areas:

  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Investor Relations

As a firm-wide recruitment theme, we seek individuals who have a strong academic background and a history of accomplishments within their respective fields. If you are interested in applying for a position in any of the above areas, please submit your resume, cover letter, and deal list if appropriate to the recruiting link below.

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